Map of Odessa region attractions

Created: 15 Dec 2021  / Categories: Sights of Odessa

An interactive map of Odessa region attractions contains links to pages with descriptions of objects and can be used to navigate the site. Clicking on the marker opens a link,

St. John Suchavsky Underground Church

Created: 18 Apr 2021  / Categories: Sights of the Odessa region

The underground church of John Suchavsky was built over the spring, on the place where, according to legend, in 1330 beat killed Genoese merchant John of Trapezund, who refused to

Odessa Assumption Monastery

Created: 12 Apr 2021  / Categories: Sights of Odessa

In 1804, Metropolitan Gabriel, while in Odessa, met the Moldavian nobleman Alexander Teutul, whose possessions, consisting of two plots of 25 acres each, were located on the seashore, in the

Borisovski Monastery

Created: 18 Dec 2020  / Categories: Sights of the Odessa region

Borisov’s Women’s Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Monastery is located on the Black Sea coast in southwestern Ukraine in the village of Borisovka. Historically, in tourism and pilgrimage it is ...