Map of Odessa region attractions

Created: 15 Dec 2021  / Categories: Sights of Odessa

An interactive map of Odessa region attractions contains links to pages with descriptions of objects and can be used to navigate the site. Clicking on the marker opens a link,

Vilkovo – the Ukrainian Venice

Created: 07 Apr 2021  / Categories: Sights of the Odessa region

Vilkovo – Ukrainian Venice in the Danube Delta, which is not known to many. In the town of Vilkovo, the streets are river channels, along which people move by boats.

Waterfall in Fontanka

Created: 29 Dec 2020  / Categories: Local sights

Many will agree that a waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena that always evokes special sensations and emotions. Such an attraction, which only a small number of

Kinburnskaya Spit

Created: 28 Dec 2020  / Categories: Sights of the Odessa region

Kinburnskaya Spit – a sandy peninsula between the Dnieper-Bug estuary and the Black Sea consists of bedrocks, on which there are even sources of fresh water, and sand reclamations (spit), ...

Berezan Island

Created: 26 Dec 2020  / Categories: Sights of the Odessa region

Berezan Island is a very controversial place among historians. For us it is the south, for the ancient Greeks and Romans it is north. Some argue that this is Herodotus’

Kuyalnik estuary

Created: 25 Dec 2020  / Categories: Sights of Odessa

Kuyalnik is a famous mineral table water of Ukraine, as well as curative mud and brine from the estuary. The ancient Greek word estuary, these places have been known for