Map of Odessa region attractions

Created: 15 Dec 2021  / Categories: Sights of Odessa

An interactive map of Odessa region attractions contains links to pages with descriptions of objects and can be used to navigate the site. Clicking on the marker opens a link,

Grigorievsky beach

Created: 12 Apr 2021  / Categories: Local sights

This beach is located in the village of Grigorievka, 30 km. from the city of Odessa. Grigorievsky beach is attractive for its cleanliness, remoteness from the bustle of the city

Dauphin’s beach

Created: 07 Apr 2021  / Categories: Local sights

Dauphin’s beach is located on the spillway of the Big Ajalyk estuary in the village of Novaya Dofinovka near Odessa. The beach is located in close proximity to the Odessa-Yuzhny

Yacht Beach

Created: 04 Jan 2021  / Categories: Local sights

In this place you can not only have a good rest, but also have a tasty meal and enjoy the beautiful landscape. The company employs specialists who systematically improve their

Black Sea Riviera beach

Created: 04 Jan 2021  / Categories: Local sights

Residential complex “Black Sea Riviera” in Fontanka has two maps of the equipped sandy beach with a bar, sun loungers and umbrellas. Between the maps of the beach there is


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Before the emergence of modern Arcadia, a small river flowed in this place. The river bed was in the Arcadian gully, where it flowed into the sea. At the beginning