Real estate management in Odessa

We offer property management services for our clients using individual trust management. We will take care of your property in Odessa and help you get income from it, wherever you are. All transactions are confidential and insured.

Real estate management

The main purpose of transferring real estate to management is to free the owner from mechanical and routine work, from the need to constantly be near the property. Having given his property for management, the manager takes on all the problems, starting with the delivery of the object for long-term or daily rent and ending with the technical condition of the object. The manager is also responsible for maintenance, security and communications.

  • Preparation of the object for delivery (repair, equipment, furniture)
  • Property insurance
  • Search for tenants (daily or long term)
  • Maintenance of lease agreements, checking tenants
  • Control over the payment of rent and other payments
  • Solving problematic issues with tenants
  • Convenient income generating scheme
we offer
  • We have been working with real estate rental for 18 years
  • We have our own properties
  • Commission is negotiated individually
  • We use modern technologies in our work
  • We work confidentially
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