Primorsky Boulevard

In the center of Primorsky Boulevard, at the corner with Yekaterininskaya Street, there is a statue of Duke de Richelieu, which is one of the main symbols of Odessa. Pushkinskaya and Ekaterininskaya streets, Vorontsovskiy lane go to Primorsky Boulevard. Only one side of the boulevard is built up, on the other there is a steep slope leading to the port of Odessa. On this slope, the Greek Park was opened in 2018 and immediately received a European award. The majestic Potemkin Stairs descends from the boulevard to the passenger terminal of the Odessa port. And also Primorsky Boulevard is a cult film of all Soviet skaters (1988). Comedy. And perfectly conveys the spirit and color of Odessa.


Potemkin Stairs

Potemkin Stairs is famous all over the world thanks to the film “Battleship Potemkin”. For its design, the architect used a very cunning technique of artificial perspective: the lower steps are much wider than the upper ones, so the staircase looks huge, but from the monument to Duke de Richelieu to the port it is not difficult to go down to the seaport and then climb.


Istanbul Park

Surprisingly, Turkey has come to terms with the loss of the city of Khadzhibey, the predecessor of Odessa. In 2013, Turkish specialists created a landscape park for family recreation in honor of the 20th anniversary of the twinning of Odessa and Istanbul.


Vorontsov Palace

Count Vorontsov lived in England until the age of 19, the son of an envoy of the Russian Empire. Made a brilliant career, but kept the tastes of the British Empire. One of the richest and most influential officials. It makes sense to see what he invested in. The colonnade of the Vorontsov Palace was recently restored; the palace itself is in the process of being renovated.


Mother-in-law’s bridge

Mother-in-law’s bridge is the Odessa folk name. It is believed that the bridge moves slightly, that is, it can never calm down, like a mother-in-law. In reality, this is the highest pedestrian bridge in Odessa, from which a wonderful view of the Black Sea opens.


Deribasovskaya street

Legendary pedestrian street in Odessa. On Deribasovskaya Street there are restaurants serving seafood and dishes from different countries, nightclubs, hookah bars, as well as clothing and gift shops. Here is the City Garden, the monument to Utyosov, Passage, the Odessa Transfiguration Cathedral – the largest Orthodox church in Odessa.


Map of walks in the center of Odessa