The Odessa Opera House resembles a huge bonbonniere – a box for sweets. The official name of the Odessa Opera is the National Opera and Ballet Theater. The building is something southern European in architecture, a combination of Italian and French traditions. Odessa was not easily transferred from the Turkish Ottoman Empire to the Russian Empire. During the long time of Duke de Richelieu’s administration of Odessa, Ukrainians, Russians, Italians, French, Jews, Poles, Romanians and Moldovans (of course, the rich) spoke only French to each other. The Odessa Opera gathered the richest stratum of the population for performances. She created the core of urban culture, because Odessa is not only a port and a bazaar.

The style of the building is the pinnacle of French Baroque, excellent acoustics. The Odessa Opera was built in such a way that it withstood many historical disasters. The capacity of the hall is over 1500 spectators. On stage without microphones, the actors, even if they speak in a whisper, can be heard by everyone.

A luxurious hall and everything that should be in an expensive theater. Nowadays, the Odessa Opera hosts not only performances, but also excursions. Ticket prices are very affordable, from 50 hryvnia. We recommend that visitors dress in a classic style.


Photo of the Odessa Opera outside


photo of the Odessa Opera inside


Odessa Opera on the map