The Memorial to the Heroic Defense of Odessa of the 411th Coastal Battery is a memorial complex dedicated to the heroic defense of Odessa during the Great Patriotic War. The memorial complex includes a museum, an open-air exhibition of military equipment, a coastal defense battery, and a large park planted with oak trees. The memorial to the heroic defense of Odessa is located on the southern outskirts of Odessa and belongs to the Kiev region.

On May 9, 1975, the grand opening of the 411th battery memorial took place. The memorial complex was opened by the famous Soviet front-line writer Konstantin Simonov, who visited the battery during the hot battles in the summer of 1941. On the territory of the memorial in the open air there is an exhibition of military equipment and weapons of the army during the Great Patriotic War. Including here is the famous Odessa “tank” NI (“Fright”). This is an ordinary tractor, sheathed with bulletproof armor (boiler iron). Such machines were manufactured by the defenders of the besieged city during the defense of Odessa.

Among the exhibits, on a section of the railway track, there is an armored train, similar to the ones that were produced during the days of the city’s defense at the plant. January Uprising. On another site there is a tram that ran along the Odessa-Front route in 1941. Since March 1985, the post-war submarine Malyutka M-296 (A615, serial number 702) has also been exhibited in the open air since March 1985. The boat bears the designation M-305, which was never used in the Navy.


Odessa Heroic Defense Memorial photo


Memorial of the heroic defense of Odessa on the map