The name of the central park of culture and recreation of Odessa is not historical, it is associated with the policy of indigenousization, Shevchenko has never been in Odessa. The city of Hajibey was in the Turkish Empire, Christian and Jewish, with self-government. Hadji Bey means the head of the merchants. The age of the city is about 3 thousand years. The first wave of colonization by the ancient Greeks, but archaeologists cannot clarify, most of the artifacts are at the bottom of the Black Sea.
Shevchenko Park was created on the site of Quarantine, this has been in every port since the plague epidemic. There was also a cemetery. But the Russian Emperor Alexander the First allocated money to make the park for cultural recreation.
In 1936 the stadium was built. It was recently reconstructed to host international competitions according to world standards.
“Health Track” is a vibrant tourist cluster of Odessa for running, walking, Finnish walking and cycling along the Black Sea coast. It allows you to get from the historic center of Odessa to the best beach Arcadia.
In 2011, many attractions opened in Central Park, of course the Ferris Wheel is the most interesting for tourism, because you can outline plans for independent travel. Shevchenko Park and Khadzhibey Fortress – a combination of historical ruins, good restaurants and cafes, interesting excursions and a huge selection of active entertainment for families with children – is cognition and extreme.


Photo of Shevchenko Park and Khadzhibey Fortress


Shevchenko Park and Khadzhibey fortress on the map