The history of Privoz begins in 1827, when a huge market was built on Privoznaya Square. Initially, it was not an independent market, but an appendage of the Old Market, and it was mainly traded in imported goods, that is, from wheels (from carts, trucks, etc.), hence the name of the market – “Privoz”. In 1913, according to the project of F. P. Nesturkh, a special “Fruit passage” was built on Privoz.

At the end of the 1990s, a plan was adopted for the general reconstruction of the Privoz market with the construction of new buildings along Panteleymonovskaya and Preobrazhenskaya streets. By 2007, a new meat and fish building, two new shopping and office centers and a complex of shops along Panteleimonovskaya street were completed, it is planned to reconstruct the covered vegetable and fruit rows. The complex of shops along Panteleymonovskaya street was named the Novy Privoz shopping center.


Photo of Privoz market


Privoz Market on the map