In December 1927, an all-Union competition was announced for the project of a zoo in Odessa. Three projects at once were accepted as the basis for the construction of the future zoo. The construction of the zoo along the Arcadian road began in 1929. The city authorities planned to put part of the zoo into operation during 1930. The Yugoklimat Society has already collected a collection of animals for the future zoo. But this project was not implemented either. Only the surviving name of the adjacent street – Zooparkovaya Street – reminds of it.

Despite all the difficulties, G.V. Beizert continued to work tirelessly. In 1933 he was entrusted with the management of the department of the 4th state zoo at the Privoz market. The institution itself belonged to the State Circus, which for several years placed its menagerie in the city garden, and then on the territory of Privoz. At this time in Odessa, by the decision of the Soviet authorities, the 1st Christian cemetery was destroyed. In the late 1930s, Ilyich Park and a zoo appeared on the territory of the former cemetery. After a long stay in the form of a traveling exhibition of animals, in 1938 the zoo acquired a stationary accommodation near “Privoz” on Novoschepny row, where it is located now.

The only archival document confirming the opening of the zoo at a new location on the street. Novoshchepnoy Ryad, 25 became the report of the director of the zoo G. Beizert at a meeting of the executive committee of the Illichivsk District Council of Workers on March 16, 1945, in which he reported that “Odessa Zoo was organized on the territory of Ilyichevsk Park in 1937”, and without budgetary allocations worked on a self-supporting basis ”.

In 1992, the zoological park received the status of a protected area of ​​national importance and became part of the natural reserve fund of Ukraine. The zoological park has an aquaterrarium. The scientific specialization of the zoo is “Rare and endangered animals of the south of Ukraine”.

Photo of the Odessa Zoo

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