Kuyalnik is a famous mineral table water of Ukraine, as well as curative mud and brine from the estuary. The ancient Greek word estuary, these places have been known for their healing qualities for more than 2.5 thousand years.
In the Russian Empire, the Kuyalnik resort was founded in the 19th century. Now Kuyalnik successfully competes with the mud of the Dead Sea in Israel and with mud and brine from the Saki resort in the Crimea. The ratio of price and quality is beneficial for the Odessa resort, therefore, the private sector is developing very quickly. Many disabled people settle here forever, improve their health themselves and earn money on the treatment of other disabled people. Odessa is nearby, so cultural entertainment and the entire infrastructure of a European big city are available.
Rapa of the Kuyalnik estuary is a fabulous “dead water”, hydrogen sulfide. Of course the smell is not particularly pleasing, but such dirt and brine kills pathogenic bacteria. Mineral water Kuyalnik has a low salt level. It is also quite good for healthy people.
Attention, treatment with brine from the Kuyalnik estuary only according to the doctor’s indications: diseases of the musculoskeletal system, skin diseases, treatment for male and female infertility, frequent urge to use the toilet, diseases of the nervous system and spine (especially sciatica).


Photo of Kuyalnik estuary


Photo of Kuyalnik resort


Kuyalnik estuary on the map