The history of Odessa does not at all begin with Novorossiya, Potemkin and Catherine the Great. In the Ottoman Empire, this is the city of Hajibey, about which even a good historical novel has been written. The extraction of building stone for the construction of the city (the so-called piece, that is, already with the help of a forged steel saw) took place underground. At a shallow depth through comfortable manholes with daylight. In total, no one even now knows the complete map of the catacombs of Odessa. Science and tourism and search movement are combined in spelestology. Because here they really find treasures.
The temperature in the cathedrals of Odessa all year round is within +14 +16. The air is dry. There are a lot of offers for excursions. The total length of the explored quarries in Odessa is estimated at 2.5 thousand kilometers. The city has been developing for about 3 thousand years since the first Hellenic colonization. The stone was cut deep in the earth and brought to the surface. In different areas of Odessa, due to the catacombs, a lot of ground sinks were formed.
Many routes are offered for tourists, helmets and flashlights, speleo overalls are included. Informal spelestologists are certainly looking for treasures. And they find it. BUT this is not a topic for publications. The catacombs are of great importance to the history of Christianity. History of wars, search movement, restoration of the glorious names of soldiers, partisans and underground fighters. Filmed many films on the theme of military adventures. Even in 2008, a film was made about the catacomb gangs of Odessa.


Photo of the catacombs of Odessa


Catacombs of Odessa on the map