Vilkovo – Ukrainian Venice in the Danube Delta, which is not known to many. In the town of Vilkovo, the streets are river channels, along which people move by boats. And the fish is caught well and it is especially tasty here. The style of recreation in Vilkovo remains quiet, rustic, ecological. Holiday homes are usually equipped with guest rooms for a small number of guests for a fun outdoor activity, barbecue and fish barbecues, swimming pools in the yard. Of course, baths and saunas also have warm and cold pools. I don’t think that Venice can boast of a normal steam room with birch or oak brooms, the ability to sing a song in the gazebo with a guitar, we have our own style)))
Rest in Vilkovo primarily means hunting, fishing, kayaking (rowing on modern plastic kayaks), excursions on boats – all this in the Odessa region is possible all year round.
Vilkovo also attracts by the fact that it is both the mouth of the Danube and the Black Sea. Everything is near. The huge cultural potential of Odessa. The places are legendary. Local cuisine combines Ukraine, Turkey, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria. Dishes of colonists from Germany, France, Switzerland. Good cognacs, homemade wines and brandies.


Photo of Vilkovo


Vilkovo on the map