Trayan’s shaft is a very controversial topic in history and tourism, but very interesting. The case when the guide is obliged to present several versions of the origin of these defensive structures. Defensive ramparts are known in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and even North America.
Some researchers believe that the shafts were made with great labor, because during the excavation, the logs are found under the layer of the earth. However, it is quite possible to understand that during floods and floods on rivers, water carries not only huge volumes of land, but also upturns trees with roots, even very large trees.
There are even disputes about the direction of Trayan’s shaft. The inhabitants of present-day Ukraine (before that Bessarabia) defended themselves from the Romans of the Moesia province. Or the country of Dacia defended itself from the Great Scythia. It is impossible to install.
Trayan’s shaft is a very interesting object of search tourism with a metal detector. Why? – It is possible to find ancient coins, weapons and other artifacts that will allow you to find out the time and meaning of these defensive structures.
The labor costs themselves on the Trayanovy Shafts are too high. A person with an engineering and construction education will understand this.
A person with a military education will understand that nature created these shafts in the beginning. And then smart people strengthened them additionally. Wooden observation towers, shelters and living quarters were built for the guards. Customs points.
The civilization of the south of Ukraine is poorly studied; little can be found in the scientific literature, even on the Internet. Cognitive tourism in the Odessa region is just beginning.
The reasons are objective. Under the Russian Empire, and even more so under Soviet power, it was believed that all cities in the Northern Black Sea region were founded by Potemkin and Catherine. However, Polish and Arabic sources have now been published. With their help, one can understand the Roman expansion to the land of present-day Ukraine. And it is quite clear that it did not work out. The king of Macedonia Philip did not even succeed. Father of the great Alexander. In general, the topic is very interesting for travel, excursions, treasure hunting, diploma theses in tourism, dissertations.
Emperor Trayan is mentioned in the chronicles of Kievan Rus and Ukrainian folk art.


Photo of Trayan’s shaft


Trayan’s shaft on the map