The official name of this tourist tasting complex is the Scythian Oysters. The Scythians did not live by the sea, and they did not eat oysters, but fashion… Mediterranean diet. Oysters increase potency, and now it is important that they increase immunity. And it’s interesting to try oysters live where you see how they grow.
After the Crimea dropped out of international tourism, the resorts of Kherson, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye and, of course, Odessa made a huge leap forward in tourism development. Moreover, they have always loved to eat tasty here.
Now tourists are accustomed to natural dry white wine and want oysters to it. Oyster farms are not easy. After the Soviet Union defeated Japan by reporters, many ships were transported from Japan to the Black Sea. And with them the predatory mollusk rapana. And this rapana ate all the oysters that lived at the bottom of the Black Sea. Only the mussels on the piles of the piers and on the sea rocks survived.
Koblevo is a seaside resort, and also the tomato capital of Ukraine. Good quality wines and cognacs. The name in the vulgar sound of Kobelevo, but in fact from the Frenchman Koble. In general, it makes sense to go and see.


Photo Oyster farm near Koblevo


Oyster farm near Koblevo on the map