In the 18th century, many Greeks, Serbs, Bulgarians, Croats received land in Bessarabia, now it is the Odessa region of Ukraine. Orthodox rebels against the Ottoman Empire glorified themselves by serving the Russian Empire, but little is known about this. The architecture of the estate of the Greek Kuris family is very reminiscent of the Moorish style of the Vorontsov palace in Alupka. Modern developers would be interested that the founder of the castle did not build it from granite – shell limestone! It was inexpensive, but beautiful. Suburban recreation centers for parents with children require just that.
There are very heartfelt reviews on the Internet. Park, Pokrovskaya Church, promotions for tourists from different countries. How to arrive? – Odessa Limansky district. The village of Kurisovo (renamed from Petrovka). Church of the Intercession.
Things to do? Fishing, hunting, walking, fresh air, beauty, history, culture, national cuisine (Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Turkish, German, Greek, Nogai, Armenian), barbecue grill. Sin to repent)) Or vice versa. And let’s not forget: you can’t sleep in the Vorontsovs’ castle in Crimea, but here in the south of Ukraine there is no problem.


Photo of Kuris Castle


Kuris Castle on the map