Kinburnskaya Spit – a sandy peninsula between the Dnieper-Bug estuary and the Black Sea consists of bedrocks, on which there are even sources of fresh water, and sand reclamations (spit), which constantly change their shape after storms.
The name comes from the Tatar Kil – hair and breaker cape. A passage thin as a hair. It was here that Crimean Tatars transported troops and “live canned food” – flocks of sheep. Weapons and other heavy things were transported across the sea on ox skins, something like today’s inflatable mattresses. Therefore, now on the Kinburn Spit, all types of active recreation on the water are possible, from fishing and diving to kite surfing and treasure hunting. Reviews about the quality of drinking water are very good, and besides, there is also nudism, naturism, space and solitude. They even come from Western Europe.
Historically, these places have been called since the time of the ancient Greeks Achilles Drome (Run of Achilles) and for many years running competitions have been organized here in the summer. I will not retell all the legends. The main point is that Achilles, the hero of the Trojan War, ran here after his bride named Iphigenia.
The strategic importance of the fortifications on the Kinburn Spit is blocking the entry of the enemy navy into the Dnieper-Bug estuary between the ancient fortress of Ochakov and the spit.
Now the Kinburn Spit is a favorite place for beach recreation and entertainment. Kilometers of wide beaches with white sand and clear water attract tourists from all over Ukraine. You can get to the Kinburn Spit with the help of modern hydrofoils of the Nibulon company from Nikolaev or Ochakov, as well as by boats of private carriers from Ochakov.


Photo of the Kinburn Spit


Kinburn Spit on the map