The construction of the Frumushika-Nova farm began in the summer of 2006 in Ukrainian Bessarabia on the site of the Moldovan villages of Frumushika-Nova and Rosia, evicted by the Soviet authorities in the spring of 1946.
The name of Bessarabia is not familiar to everyone. This is the southwestern part of the East European Plain, which people turned into a prosperous region 3 thousand years ago. The ancient Greeks, Thracians, Romanians, Moldavians, Nogai, Turks, Greeks, Ukrainians, Jews made their contribution to the development of these lands. Colonists from Germany and Switzerland 200 years ago. Traditions of hospitality, cleanliness, safety; enjoying the beautiful nature, wine and food – it is easy to work up an appetite in an active family vacation.
Frumushika-Nova is sheep cheese and wine, large flocks of sheep, a bee sanatorium, a pheasant nursery, a museum of socialist realism, an ethnographic museum, where traditional houses from different times have been restored (you can even stay in them), beautiful vineyards and various entertainment. And the right set for a family out-of-town vacation: cauldron, brazier, barbecue, wood-fired sauna, vat, fishing and hunting. Time travel is delicious and healthy. From Odessa this is a weekend getaway. And from Kiev to come with a family is not very long and very inexpensive. For a week or a day, for a vacation with children, it makes sense to come to Frumushika-Nova at least once.


Photo of Frumushik-Nova


Frumushika-Nova on the map