The name Ak-Kerman Turkish, in this case means the Southern fortress, because upstream of the Dniester in the Middle Ages was another fortress with the name Kara-Kerman, also built of white limestone. And not from black)) Cara meant the north in this case. That is the opposition of Light (south) – Ak-Kerman and Shadow (north) Kara-Kerman. For The Italians, Belgorod of the 13th century was far to the north and went down in history as the Mavrokastro, that is, a black fortress.
Ackerman Fortress is the largest fortress in Ukraine, well preserved. Filmed in many films (such as “Captain Nemo”). It is believed that in its current form bastions, walls and towers were built during the Golden Horde under Khan Burke, then transferred under the control of Italian merchants. When the Golden Horde was weakened, Ackerman became the sea gate of the Moldovan principality. Only in 1484, that is much later than the coast of Crimea Ackerman passed into the possession of the Turkish sultans, and peacefully. Belgorod Dnistrovsky survived three Russian-Turkish wars, numerous raids of Cossacks. In 1812, under the peace treaty, Ackerman retreated to the Russian Empire. The fortress retained military importance for control of the Black Sea until 1832. Even during the Romanian occupation in the 1920s, the fortress began to be strengthened.
In modern Ukraine it is a cultural heritage monument and a popular tourist attraction, a beautiful view site. The walls and towers themselves tell a lot about history.


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