Many will agree that a waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena that always evokes special sensations and emotions. Such an attraction, which only a small number of local residents know about, is in the village of Fontanka. This village is famous for its groundwater and associated landslides. Apparently these factors led to the appearance of the waterfall.

The height of the waterfall in Fontanka is about five meters. The water rushes off the rock ledge and with an almost vertical angle of incidence in a small stream flows into the sea. According to local residents, the water never freezes here, has a constant temperature, and its flow does not weaken. The waterfall, created by nature without human intervention, attracts tourists to the nearest beaches. There is a small grotto near the waterfall.

Locals are skeptical about the water quality of the Fountain Falls, possibly because some of them drain the sewers into a stream upstream.

If the authorities undertake to clear the area around the waterfall, make comfortable steps and stop the drainage of the sewage system, then we will get another full-fledged natural landmark of Odessa.


Photo of the waterfall in Fontanka


Waterfall in Fontanka on the map