This beach is located in the village of Grigorievka, 30 km. from the city of Odessa. Grigorievsky beach is attractive for its cleanliness, remoteness from the bustle of the city and noise. While resting here, you can see dolphins, fish, shrimp and mussels near the bump stones, relax in a gazebo in nature, or look at huge ships in the roadstead. A gentle and smooth entrance to the sea will make swimming comfortable for children and adults who cannot swim, and the absence of breakwaters ensures the purity of the water. And on those days when the waves at sea are an unforgettable feeling of drive and fun, while the shallow water of the coast ensures safe swimming. For those who like to swim on the Grigorievsky beach – the unlimited expanses of the sea. Also on the beach in Grigorievka there is a volleyball and football field, and for children a playground and a trampoline.


Photo of Grigorievsky beach


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