Individual excursions

We offer individual excursions in the Odessa region and Odessa in a air-conditioned SUV. See the list of attractions that you can visit in the list below. Building a route according to your preferences. The uniform cost of excursions is 2000 UAH per day (12 hours), 1500 UAH for half a day (6 hours). The language of the excursion is Russian.

Map of Odessa region attractions

Created: 15 Dec 2021

An interactive map of Odessa region attractions contains links to pages with descriptions of objects and can be used to navigate the site. Clicking on the marker opens a link,

Cossack cemetery of Usatovo village

Created: 14 May 2021

The Big Usatovskoye Cemetery is a historical necropolis located in the Usatovo village of the Belyaevsky district of the Odessa region. In the center of the cemetery there is a

St. John Suchavsky Underground Church

Created: 18 Apr 2021

The underground church of John Suchavsky was built over the spring, on the place where, according to legend, in 1330 beat killed Genoese merchant John of Trapezund, who refused to

Odessa Assumption Monastery

Created: 12 Apr 2021

In 1804, Metropolitan Gabriel, while in Odessa, met the Moldavian nobleman Alexander Teutul, whose possessions, consisting of two plots of 25 acres each, were located on the seashore, in the

The Memorial to the Heroic Defense of Odessa

Created: 12 Apr 2021

The Memorial to the Heroic Defense of Odessa of the 411th Coastal Battery is a memorial complex dedicated to the heroic defense of Odessa during the Great Patriotic War. The

Memorial of the 412 coastal defense battery

Created: 12 Apr 2021

Memorial of the 412 coastal defense battery is located near the village of Chernomorskoye (Chabanka). The coastal battery No. 412 itself is the “twin brother” of the 411th battery, ...

Memorial of Grigorievsky landing

Created: 12 Apr 2021

Grigorievka gained some fame thanks to the named after her Grigorievsky landing, landed in September 1941 by the Black Sea Fleet at the Black Sea coast near Grigorievka . The

Grigorievsky beach

Created: 12 Apr 2021

This beach is located in the village of Grigorievka, 30 km. from the city of Odessa. Grigorievsky beach is attractive for its cleanliness, remoteness from the bustle of the city

Dauphin’s beach

Created: 07 Apr 2021

Dauphin’s beach is located on the spillway of the Big Ajalyk estuary in the village of Novaya Dofinovka near Odessa. The beach is located in close proximity to the Odessa-Yuzhny

Action City Ski Resort

Created: 07 Apr 2021

Fans of an active lifestyle will find a vacation here to their liking, and if you are not a fan of alpine skiing, you can have fun riding a tubing

Vilkovo – the Ukrainian Venice

Created: 07 Apr 2021

Vilkovo – Ukrainian Venice in the Danube Delta, which is not known to many. In the town of Vilkovo, the streets are river channels, along which people move by boats.

Odessa zoo

Created: 07 Apr 2021

In December 1927, an all-Union competition was announced for the project of a zoo in Odessa. Three projects at once were accepted as the basis for the construction of the

Privoz market

Created: 07 Apr 2021

The history of Privoz begins in 1827, when a huge market was built on Privoznaya Square. Initially, it was not an independent market, but an appendage of the Old Market,

Walk in the center of Odessa

Created: 08 Jan 2021

Primorsky Boulevard In the center of Primorsky Boulevard, at the corner with Yekaterininskaya Street, there is a statue of Duke de Richelieu, which is one of the main symbols of

Riviera shopping center (Auchan)

Created: 08 Jan 2021

Riviera mall is a shopping and entertainment center that has been operating in Odessa (Fontanka) since 2009. The total area of ​​the complex is 82,000 square meters, the retail area

Yacht Beach

Created: 04 Jan 2021

In this place you can not only have a good rest, but also have a tasty meal and enjoy the beautiful landscape. The company employs specialists who systematically improve their

Black Sea Riviera beach

Created: 04 Jan 2021

Residential complex “Black Sea Riviera” in Fontanka has two maps of the equipped sandy beach with a bar, sun loungers and umbrellas. Between the maps of the beach there is


Created: 04 Jan 2021

Before the emergence of modern Arcadia, a small river flowed in this place. The river bed was in the Arcadian gully, where it flowed into the sea. At the beginning

The Odessa Opera

Created: 04 Jan 2021

The Odessa Opera House resembles a huge bonbonniere – a box for sweets. The official name of the Odessa Opera is the National Opera and Ballet Theater. The building is

Shevchenko Park and Khadzhibey fortress

Created: 29 Dec 2020

The name of the central park of culture and recreation of Odessa is not historical, it is associated with the policy of indigenousization, Shevchenko has never been in Odessa. The

Waterfall in Fontanka

Created: 29 Dec 2020

Many will agree that a waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena that always evokes special sensations and emotions. Such an attraction, which only a small number of

Ancient city of Olbia

Created: 28 Dec 2020

The main wave of Hellenic colonization of the Northern Black Sea region was about 3 thousand years ago, but all the first colonies were destroyed for various reasons. Dynamics of

Kinburnskaya Spit

Created: 28 Dec 2020

Kinburnskaya Spit – a sandy peninsula between the Dnieper-Bug estuary and the Black Sea consists of bedrocks, on which there are even sources of fresh water, and sand reclamations (spit), ...

Kuris Castle

Created: 27 Dec 2020

In the 18th century, many Greeks, Serbs, Bulgarians, Croats received land in Bessarabia, now it is the Odessa region of Ukraine. Orthodox rebels against the Ottoman Empire glorified themselves ...

The Cossack cemetery on Shkodovaya Gora

Created: 27 Dec 2020

The Cossack cemetery on Shkodovaya Gora was founded by the Cossacks of the Sotnikovskaya Sich back in the distant 18th century, several years before the founding of Odessa. In the

Catacombs of Odessa

Created: 27 Dec 2020

The history of Odessa does not at all begin with Novorossiya, Potemkin and Catherine the Great. In the Ottoman Empire, this is the city of Hajibey, about which even a

Berezan Island

Created: 26 Dec 2020

Berezan Island is a very controversial place among historians. For us it is the south, for the ancient Greeks and Romans it is north. Some argue that this is Herodotus’

Oyster farm near Koblevo

Created: 26 Dec 2020

The official name of this tourist tasting complex is the Scythian Oysters. The Scythians did not live by the sea, and they did not eat oysters, but fashion… Mediterranean diet.

Trayan’s shaft

Created: 26 Dec 2020

Trayan’s shaft is a very controversial topic in history and tourism, but very interesting. The case when the guide is obliged to present several versions of the origin of these

Kuyalnik estuary

Created: 25 Dec 2020

Kuyalnik is a famous mineral table water of Ukraine, as well as curative mud and brine from the estuary. The ancient Greek word estuary, these places have been known for


Created: 25 Dec 2020

The construction of the Frumushika-Nova farm began in the summer of 2006 in Ukrainian Bessarabia on the site of the Moldovan villages of Frumushika-Nova and Rosia, evicted by the Soviet

SHABO wine cultural center

Created: 25 Dec 2020

We all know the expression St. Bartholomew’s Night. And we read that the Musketeers stormed La Rochelle. It’s sad how people of the same language killed each other only because

Borisovski Monastery

Created: 18 Dec 2020

Borisov’s Women’s Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Monastery is located on the Black Sea coast in southwestern Ukraine in the village of Borisovka. Historically, in tourism and pilgrimage it is ...

The Ancient Fortress of Tyras

Created: 18 Dec 2020

Tyras occupied an advantageous geographical position and played an important role in the ancient trade of the Northern Black Sea since the first settlement in the 7th and 6th centuries

Ackerman Fortress

Created: 17 Dec 2020

The name Ak-Kerman Turkish, in this case means the Southern fortress, because upstream of the Dniester in the Middle Ages was another fortress with the name Kara-Kerman, also built of